Beautiful Boy.

I’m sure you all seen this news on TV. Yeah that Canadian transgender person couldn’t compete in Miss Universe for now.
I said “for now” because Trump organization still thinking about it even they said “NO” first.

I’m NOT for it nor AGAINST it. I careless about any beauty pageant. BUT I do know ONE thing, that is beauty pageants on TV are for some dude that couldn’t afford PORN or simply a dish for masturbation. I know many will have a problem with me writing this, but Today’s statistics on TV prove what I’m saying here.
This morning TV news asked Televiewer:Is it OK for a transgender to compete in beauty pageant?

MOST of Televiewer answered: NO it’s not OK

If Miss Universe is TRUE beauty pageant they will allow this person to compete. But for masturbation sake they should not allow it. Since we all don’t want to think us dudes are doing it looking at a beautiful ex-dude.

I don’t care what you say, now I know American male are watching Miss Universe for jerking-off reason.
Number & statistics don’t LIE,


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