Had a lunch over at “FIVE GUYS” today. I’m not sure what it is but I’ve been having mad craving for good hamburger lately. And if I’m gonna talk about burgers I should be informed what’s out there in LaLa-Land before I open my big mouth.

This “Burger & Fries” place is pretty new to most of Angelino, since Five Guys got popular in Washington DC area in late 80’s to 90’s. They’re kinda like “In N’ Out Burger” of East Coast.

This is Little Cheeseburger, Fries & Regular drink: almost $10.
Compare to “In n’ Out” I will take “In n’ Out” all day over FIVE GUYS. And I don’t even like “In n’ Out”. It’s OK, but both just a fast food burger.
Nothing special.

So I’ve asked our staff for there favorite Burger spot.

Masashi’s pick: 1) Fuji’s 2) IN-N-OUT 3) UMAMI Burger

Kay’s pick: 1) IN-N-OUT 2)Fat Burger 3) FUDDRUCKERS

Yuki’s pick: 1) MVP 2) IN-N-OUT 3) Fat Burger

Takumi’s pick: 1) IN-N-OUT 2) DICK’S 3) Fat Burger

Skylar’s pick: 1) TK Burger 2) IN-N-OUT 3) J & J House of Subs

And my TOP 5: 1) Lazy Ox Canteen 2)Apple Pan 3) Umami Burger 4) MVP 5) Jollibee.

I just had to put Jollibee, because they’ve got super cute mascot.
I think The Hundreds should do collaboration with Jollibee!!!
Personally I like Skylar’s pick also, not bad, not bad at all.

So where’s your favorite burger spot?


P.S. Sorry, Toshi is out today, Mr.Fuji is on vacation I couldn’t get everyone’s pick…But I’m sure they all like my list. haha

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