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Whaaa »



Something wrong here….this ain’t right. The sign says: But the real prices are: Wha da hell… うんちく

House of Kasai. »

Look who’s walked into our shop today. Naaa, it was no Kardashian… even Kim Kardashian walked in butt naked I may not noticed her anyway. This is OC home of finest girls on planet?!?! So all you girls walking into our shop, you all are Kim Kardashian in my eyes. But this dude!?!! I have […]


I haven’t done this in long time, so here it is! One glass a day will keep Doctors away. This is PEJU‘s 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon, this maybe one of my favorite wine of all time. I’m a wine club member here at PEJU for who knows how long…see the tower looking building on PEJU label? […]


This is great. Some dudes acted as FAKE Celebrity inside of a Mall (looks like it’s Beverly Center)….hahahaha Now everyone, before start to point a finger at these people, self check time!!! This is such a easy way to pick up chicks! GAHAHAHAHAH~ うんちく

Bubba is the Man. »

Rickie Fowler good luck next year! Ben Crane where were you? Hunter Mahan you’re almost there! And Bubba Watson YOU DA MAN!!! Congrats Mr. Watson enjoy your NEW Green Jacket, うんちく

M.H.O. »

That’s right, today I’m suffering from MAD HANG OVER, baby. So I need me some “brown sugar” if you know what I mean. うんちく

Beautiful Boy. »

I’m sure you all seen this news on TV. Yeah that Canadian transgender person couldn’t compete in Miss Universe for now. I said “for now” because Trump organization still thinking about it even they said “NO” first. I’m NOT for it nor AGAINST it. I careless about any beauty pageant. BUT I do know ONE […]

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