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SPAMMERS in the name of YouTube. »

You guys might know about this already, but I’ve got one of these SPAM email from FAKE youTube today, so wanted to share this with you. Senders email: YouTube Service ( Title: Lee sent you a message: Hi. Hi. Can i place your video on our web site ? You can reply to this […]


This store just opened up in my hood.This spot was where Greek Deli was.. I miss there Feta cheese!!! SCRATCH, bake goods. I’ve tried all the cookies, taste just like my friend’s cookies, nothing special just homemade. SCONES was whatever also I like my SCONES crusty & flaky. I can tell this was homemade SCONES, […]


I know it’s not Mother’s day yet, but I figure it’s better now than later. Since I’ve been holding this matter off for LONG TIME. When I was just short of 12 years old sent off to a boarding school. After finishing 9th grade I was shipped off to San Francisco from little town in […]

(888)382-1222 »

The (888) 382-1222 Email Scam – A chain email is being circulated once again (this email has circulated in the past), prompting people to call the government’s Do Not Call list (which is legitimate, but if you’ve already done it unnecessary), and then asking the email recipient to forward the email: Email Body: The email […]


Some funny shit going down behind our shop… began past week or so. We get collection of old carpets or car parts & what not, but this is first time we’re getting collection of not so old but not so new TV. I’m sure you understand what I mean by “Collection”, collection of garbage. AND […]


Had a lunch over at “FIVE GUYS” today. I’m not sure what it is but I’ve been having mad craving for good hamburger lately. And if I’m gonna talk about burgers I should be informed what’s out there in LaLa-Land before I open my big mouth. This “Burger & Fries” place is pretty new to […]

Happy Face. »

I hope you all learned a valuable lesson from my last post! haha It wasn’t really to teach you “How to wear snapbacks” but most important lesson here was “If ya’ll got more than 1 snapbacks, yo ass is RICH!!!”. So you rich kids of Orange county, I expect you to pick up 2 or […]

New Snapbacks… »

I know many of you including myself are hyped on Snapbacks, I always love rocking good headwear anyway. My dear friend Mr.Nishimoto just posted this flick of “How to wear snapbacks”, he does not know I’m using this flick today, so just wanted to give you a shout, dude. By the way, this dude in […]


Ebisu Market out of business… And Bon Marche bakery & cafe also went out of business… Please someone re-open our LUNCH spots!!! Tell Barbara guys from O.C.G.S. sent you. Someone please!!!!! うんちく


Happy New Year!!! How was your Holidays? For me this year was no different than any other years, I’ve been doing same shit for past few? maybe more..almost 10 years. No more New Year party for me, last time I was at any kind of New Year’s party was yeah almost 10 years ago. This […]

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